Jewelry Repair Rochester, NY

We offer jewelry repair in Rochester, NY. From gold watches to silver earrings and fine jewelry repair from 10k, 14k, 18k, even 22k gold gems that need repair. There isn’t a kind of jewelry that we can’t fix. We offer a full line of services for your jewelry repair which include: normal fastening and patching of chains, rings, pieces of jewelry, studs, wrist watches and so on to make certain that we can make the jewelry look like new.

With regards to stone settings, it’s essential for a stone to stay in its proper place. Our on site repairer will fix the prongs to guarantee the stone is appropriately set and won’t go anywhere, regardless of how hard you work or play. We offer jewelry repair of practically any sort of accessory that you may have. Whether it is pearl necklace, gold watch or a rope chain, you can rely on us to fix your jewelry to its proper condition.

Earring repair, ring repair and even anklet repair – and so on and we can repair it. Our administrations are noteworthy and you won’t discover another jewelry repair shop in Rochester, NY that take out the time to pay attention to detail. We have the experience that others don’t, which is the reason we can offer the customer satisfaction that we do.

In the event that you have an inquiry regarding what we can fix or repair, please call us.

Jewelry Repair & Fixing Rochester NY
Jewelry Repair Rochester NY