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Military Item Buyers Rochester, NY

Sell your Military Items

Man has been at war since time immemorial. These wars have turned up a variety of items in terms of weapons, equipment, battle gear, medals and so on. For some collectors, military antiques and memorabilia represent items that have been held in high regard by their owners in matters of life and death. Many basements and attics in the US will have one form of militaria or another from America’s many wars. These items remain largely locked away as their owners forget the warring and the reminders. But good money could be locked away in these items.

The last flag to sail away from Vietnam sold for $55,000 while a flag that flew on a boat on D-Day fetched $514,000. That is serious money comparable to other sought after items like paintings. Unfortunately, many families of those who owned these items do not have a clue that they are holding on to valuable items.

What can be sold?

Nearly all items in military life and operations can be sold. Popular listings include;

• Equipment like radios
• Ephemera and photographs
• Edged weapons like swords
• Guns
• Uniforms
• Head gear
• Armor
• Medals and badges

Military Item Buyers Rochester NY

Military items that belonged to famous military personalities go for top dollar. So do items that were involved in historic points during famous wars for example D-day in WWII. Most military items going for sale in auctions are from the 18th century onwards.

What cannot be sold?

In the US items that have been issued for a period and are marked for return cannot be sold. This would be akin to theft. Typically, soldiers are issued items like gas masks and guns upon joining a unit. These items should be returned when the soldier no longer requires the items; unlike they are gifted by the military. People have been sued for selling returnable military items on the net.

How to sell

If you can identify the events or personalities associated with an item you can estimate the value better. Do not take the items to the local auction and hope for the best. Engaging an expert to appraise the item is the best choice.