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Gold Buyers Rochester, NY

Sell your Gold

The lure of gold since the ancient times has been well documented. This precious metal can be found in many items, gold in jewelry is the most common. Selling your gold is a pretty straightforward affair as it is accepted by most jewelers everywhere.


Pure gold is very malleable and can even be bent by hand. To make it harder, it is alloyed with other metals such as silver. Gold purity is measured in Karats. Pure gold is 24 Karats, 75% pure gold is 18 Karat while 50% pure is 12 Karat. On jewelry the purity is indicated in Karats or numbers .999 (pure gold), .925 for 92.5% purity, .750 for 75% and so on.

Industrial scrap

Gold is used in many items as a conductor. Gold is also rust proof making it useful in electronics and medical equipment. Gold can be found in car engines, computers, mobile phones, helmets, cockpit windows, print toners and many other items. Scrap gold can be extracted from these items by chemical methods.


Gold in jewelry is easier to extract and in higher quantities. Purity ranges from 14 karats to 22 karats in many gold jewelry items. Gold jewelry is easy to sell. Many jewelers will just re-polish the item and sell the item as it is.

Gold dust

Gold hunting is a worthwhile hobby. You can find gold dust in old mines. You can also pan for gold in rivers with proven deposits. Gold buyers will readily take gold powder, filings, flakes, dust, sweeps, and shot.Scrapping for gold can turn out a nice profit. Some of the items to look for include;

• Old Gold dental bridges and crowns
• Gold estate items, gold plated utensils, gold plated dishes
• Gold bench Sweeps, polishings and fines
• Coins, bullion
• Circuit boards, gold leaf, gold foil, gold heat sinks, gold e-scrap
• Gold solder
• Heat shields, optics, reflectors, mirrors
• Gold plated and gold filled electronic pins, flatware etc.
• Dental and Medical laboratory scrap
• Industrial Gold plating, stripping and other solutions contain gold

How to sell

Before selling your gold, it is a good idea to check the current prices. Sites like are useful in showing the daily price per gram or ounce. We will also make an assessment for you. You could also take a picture of the item and have your assessment online. Face to face trading is the best for selling your gold.